Classroom Structure

The first blog I will be sharing is from Jennifer, a first grade teacher in Texas. Her blog is about classroom management/structure. She has incorporated Whole Brain Teaching in her classroom. She uses the “Class Yes”! technique to get her student attention. SHe says, “Class, class” and her students respond, “Yes,yes”. They respond using the same tone as she does. She has found this very helpful in getting her student’s attention not only in the classroom, but outside of the classroom when needed.  Another technique she uses is the “Hands and Eyes”.  She says, “Hands, hands, hands and eyes”, then puts her hands together. The students repeat and their eyes are on her and their hands are together, waiting for further direction. The key take away is routine. She is able to get her student’s to respond because of her consistency in following these routines. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your strategies.


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