Classroom Organization

This blog is by Joy Coon, it discusses the importance of an organized classroom. From the teacher having her desk, curriculum and room organized, to the students being organized, all are important.  She stresses having a schedule posted so the students can see  what they are doing each day. Having procedures and rules in place are important and should be reviewed every morning as a reminder to the students. I agree that students need a reminder about the rules and procedures, especially in the beginning of the year. Thank you Joy for sharing your blog.


Classroom Activities

I really enjoyed reading the blog by Brenda, “It’s Here! 5 Ways To Win At Fact Fluency”. This blog explains the importance making sure children understand the concept of math.. For example, why does 8 + 7 = 15? She explained that students need to understand the operations and using manipulatives will help with this. She does not believe computers should be used as the main source to teach students their facts. Online programs are not effective in teaching math.  I found it interesting how she breaks math down through verbal explaination as well as with manipulatives for her students to understand.


Classroom Arrangement

I found a blog on arranging the classroom. It’s called, Classroom Setup: Arranging the Physical Space by Michelle Sullenberger. She shared information on how she arranged her room. She puts her students desk in groups to allow an ease in transitioning into small groups for collaborative learning. The extra desk/tables are placed around the edge of the room for her to use with guided instruction, partner work or quiet work. She stresses the importance of having desk arranged so that walking paths are clear, allowing a smooth flow through the classroom. She teaches her students how to move throughout the room on the first day of school. She establishes a routine, therefore decreasing confusion with her students. Thank you Michelle for sharing your blog.

Classroom Structure

The first blog I will be sharing is from Jennifer, a first grade teacher in Texas. Her blog is about classroom management/structure. She has incorporated Whole Brain Teaching in her classroom. She uses the “Class Yes”! technique to get her student attention. SHe says, “Class, class” and her students respond, “Yes,yes”. They respond using the same tone as she does. She has found this very helpful in getting her student’s attention not only in the classroom, but outside of the classroom when needed.  Another technique she uses is the “Hands and Eyes”.  She says, “Hands, hands, hands and eyes”, then puts her hands together. The students repeat and their eyes are on her and their hands are together, waiting for further direction. The key take away is routine. She is able to get her student’s to respond because of her consistency in following these routines. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your strategies.

So I’ve had the opportunity to review some interesting and some not so interesting blogs. Four of the blogs I will be sharing appealed to me because they shared information and ideas that I believe I could incorporate into my classroom.